Pleiades Interview with Kaleb Sweet

Book Q & A with Deborah Kalb:

Blog on Roller Derby Names and Secret Identities

Mizzou Weekly Profile:

Interview with the Daniel Boone Regional Library (Columbia) in conjunction with my 2/10/15 reading:

Review in Mid-American Review (Volume XXXV, Number 1 MAR.ER “With lyrical language and unabashed realism, Trudy Lewis, in her novel The Empire Rolls, creates a compelling narrative that weaves together the passion and charisma of roller derby with political injustice during harsh economic times.” Abigail Rose

MU Arts & Science Website Podcast in The Missouri Review Soundbooth Series (with Mike Petrik)

Profile in The Columbia Tribune

Review in the Kansas City Star Review in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Eric Lundgren’s Scribbler Blog (St Louis Library)

Article in Vox:

Story in The Maneater:

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